Covid-19: All reservations directly affected by the forced closure of the Golf Courses including the cancellation of flights have been fully refunded.

Club Murcia recognises that player numbers can change and that travel plans can also change.

Therefore, Club Murcia will amend your reservations free of charge and full refunds and cancellations are available up to 48 hours prior to arrival (some courses have a notice period for cancellations).

Deposit Refunds
We believe in a generous refund policy which we know offers you peace of mind. However, amendments to your reservations must be received at least 48 hours* before the date of play. This is the default notice period for the majority of courses in the region.

*Exceptions to the default 48 notice period: Las Colinas and Lo Romero require 72 hours notice of cancellation in order to process a full refund. Desert Springs and Villaitana require 14 days notice in order to process a full refund.

Once you have received your voucher(s) you can amend/cancel your reservations by contacting Club Murcia.

Simply reply to your final Confirmation & Payments email or the email containing your Voucher(s) from Club Murcia.

If player numbers change, resulting in less Green Fees, Club Murcia will re-calculate your deposit and refund the difference, subject to the necessary notice period.

Note: Amendments may require a additional payment deposit from you. For example, changing the venue to a Golf Course with more expensive Green Fees or an increase in the number of players.

Amendments to your reservation must always be made through Club Murcia and not via the Golf Course you are playing. This is very important, if you amend your reservation without our knowledge, we will be unable to confirm the changes and issue you with a refund.

In addition to issuing you a refund, Club Murcia will need to send you new voucher/s and we may also have to reconfirm your reservation(s).

Please Note: Club Murcia cannot issue refunds;

1. Within 7 days of play,
2. Either on or after the day of play*,
3. Due to missed Tee Times**,
4. If players are asked to leave the course by Golf Course officials,
5. Due to general bad weather, including high temperatures,
6. If the Golf Course officials suspend play due to electrical storms or the course has to be closed due to flooding***
7. If the Golf Course has not informed Club Murcia of any maintenance or
8. For any others reason deemed unreasonable by Club Murcia.

*Players who cancel on the day of arrival or do not arrive will be considered as "No-Shows" by the Golf Resort. No-Shows will be charged the outstanding balance for the reservation.

** Players who miss their Tee Times may be offered an alternative reservation on arrival at the Pro-Shop but a refund will not be offered.

***Players, who are asked by Courses Officials to suspend play due to dangerous electrical storms or flooding, will be offered an alternative reservation directly from the Golf Course by way of compensation. If this is not possible, the course will generally cancel the reservation and Club Murcia will be able to refund the deposit.

This is at the discretion of the individual Golf Course and will also depend at which point in the round, play was suspended. Under these conditions, players should must immediately return to the Pro-Shop, with their local course receipt, to seek advice before leaving the resort.

If an alternative reservation cannot be arranged or is unsuitable Club Murcia will seek clarification that the course was closed and that play was suspended. The course will then authorise Club Murcia to arrange a full refund of the deposit.

Club Murcia requires advance notice on cancellations to give us time to inform the Golf Courses and most importantly, so that the course can make the Tee Time/s available to other golfers.

Once your Tee Time has been confirmed, you are subject to the cancellation charges detailed below.

Cancellation Notice Period
7+ Days before arrival date.
0 Day of arrival: No deposit refund. Full outstanding balance charged.

Receiving Your Refund
Online Payments (GBP/EUR): Refunds will return automatically to the Debit/Credit card or PayPal Account used to make the original transaction. In the case on online payments this will be available up to 180 days after the original transaction. After 180 days, refunds will be offered via a bank transfer or personal cheque.

Telephone Payments (GBP/EUR): Refunds will return automatically to the Debit/Credit card used to make the original transaction.

Bank Transfer Payments (GBP Only): Refunds cannot be returned automatically therefore we will ask you to confirm your bank details in order to arrange the refund.

Cancellation Procedure
You can cancel your reservation by replying to your final Confirmation & Payments email or by replying to the Voucher email.

Alternatively, you can call us on 0845 617 0599 or +44 (0)151 909 4957.

Please keep our advisors informed of any changes which may affect your reservation at the earliest opportunity.

Note: After a refund has been issued, existing Club Murcia Vouchers are automatically cancelled with the respective Golf Courses and they will no longer be valid.

Green Fee Discounts

Club Murcia negotiates discounts on Green Fees on behalf of our readers and players. The discounts vary by Golf Course. Discounts are available on Green Fees, 2 and 4 Ball Buggy offers and Twilight Green Fees. Group discounts may also be available depending on the Golf Course and the season.

Note: Were Group discounts cannot be applied, other offers at the same venue may be suggested in order to help reduce the cost of the booking.

Offers and Promotions
Club Murcia may negotiate additional offers and promotions periodically, these offers and promotions will vary by Golf Course. Offers are selected at the time of reservation unless applied to all reservations automatically for a limited period.

Making a Reservation
Players may submit a reservation request at anytime using the Individual Course Reservation Forms or if more than one venue is required, using the Multi-Course Reservation Form. By using the reservation forms players are requesting a Tee Times. Reservations can also be made over the phone.

Confirming Reservations
In order to confirm your preferred Dates and Tee Times, Club Murcia will send you a Confirmation & Payments email detailing your reservation, discount Green Fee rates and payment.

Note: Club Murcia will not request payment until after your Date/s and Tee Time/s have been checked for availability. Should your preferred reservation be unavailable, a suitable alternative will be suggested.

In general, Club Murcia does not require full payment in advance. Club Murcia has an Agreement with the Golf Courses which allows players to only pay a deposit* to secure a Tee Time and discount. The deposit relates to the total number of Green Fees/offers required and will vary by Golf Course. There are however a small number of venues where there is a 100% deposit on Green Fees and offers. However, the balance on arrival is adjusted accordingly.

*The remainder of the Green Fee or offer is payment is made on arrival. Your Club Murcia voucher will confirm the amount payable on arrival at the Golf Course, less your deposit.

Note: All deposits are refundable; see our Refund/Cancellation Policy.

Making your payment
You can pay securely online by Credit or Debit cards or via PayPal. Or you can also pay for your Green Fees over the phone during normal office hours. Details on how to make a payment are contained in your Confirmation & Payments email.

Green Fee Voucher
On receipt of your payment, Club Murcia will issue you with your Green Fee Vouchers.

How do you receive your Green Fee Vouchers?
Your vouchers are delivered via a separate Voucher email. This is normally issued within an hour but no later than 24 hours during busy periods. Your Voucher is unique to your individual reservations and serialised under the terms of the Agency Agreement between Club Murcia and the Golf Courses.

How long does the Reservation process take?
From receipt of your completed reservation request to delivering your Voucher can take as little as 30 minutes. Most Green Fee reservations are completed within 24 hours, even during busy periods. Larger reservations requiring multiple Golf Courses can take longer depending on availability and your preferred itinerary.

Using your Green Fee Voucher
It is your responsibility to print out the Green Fee reservation voucher so that you can present it at the course on arrival at the Pro-Shop.

Note: Club Murcia can not be held responsible for players who lose or deface their voucher. However, in the event that you misplace your voucher the Golf Course can contact Club Murcia at their discretion in order to confirm your reservation. Proof of ID is advisable.

Checking in for your reservation:
You simply hand in your Voucher to the staff in the Pro-Shop and you will be asked to pay the difference on your Green Fees or offer. This is the difference between the Club Murcia Discount Green Fee or offer and the deposit paid during the reservation as detailed in your Confirmation & Payment email.

Is there anything else to pay?
Other charges are paid locally, for example additional equipment hire and insurance surcharges. Players, who are not Annual RFEG License holders, will be required to pay an insurance surcharge equivalent to 3 euro per player per round. Effectively, players are buying a Daily RFEG License.

Players can learn more about becoming an Annual RFEG License holder on this website.

Minimum Booking Period
Club Murcia operate a minimum 48 Hour Booking Period. In other words, we require at least 2 business days to arrange your reservation/s prior to arrival. We can make reservations at short notice but we ask that you seek our advice at the time of making your enquiry. Club Murcia process are large number of reservations daily and availability for last minute reservations availability may be limited. If your prefered venue is full, it is advisable to allow time to arrange/suggest an alternative.

Changing your Tee Time Reservation
If you wish to change the number of players, the date or time on your tee time reservation you must reply to your original Confirmation & Payments email or your Voucher email. You can also call us on 00 44 (0)845 617 0599 for last minute changes.

Due to the efficient administration which takes place between the Golf Resorts and Club Murcia, players should not contact the Golf Course direct to make changes. Players will be advised to contact Club Murcia. Rest assured, Club Murcia will make any necessary changes and importantly re-issue a new Voucher.

There are no charges for tee times that are changed or rescheduled by Club Murcia.

For cancellations, please refer to our Refund/Cancellation Policy.

Other things you may need to know:

How do I open the Green Fee Voucher?
All vouchers are issued as an attachment in a PDF format which is universally opened on Windows and Mac based personal computers.

What if I have Problems Opening my Green Fee Voucher?
Your voucher is delivered as a PDF attachment and all that is required to open it is, Adobe Acrobat Reader. This is a standard utility available free of charge.

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Online Reservations
Your personal information is stored in our database when you make an online reservation request. When you make a Green Fee reservation you have to provide us with your name, contact phone number and e-mail address.

How do we use your information?
This information is collected in order for us to get in touch with you in order to confirm your reservation, issuing you with a Confirmation & Payments email and for delivering your voucher via email after payment has been received.

Only your name and reservation requirements are used when making reservations at the Golf Courses. Club Murcia ensures that the contact information you supply to us while making green fee reservations is not passed on to any third party.

Telephone Reservations
Your personal information is entered manually in to our database when you make a reservation through our Reservation Telephone Service. When you make a Green Fee reservation you have to provide us with your name, contact phone number and e-mail address.

How do we use your information?
This information is collected in order for us to get in touch with you in order to confirm your reservation, issuing you with a Confirmation & Payments email and for delivering your voucher via email after payment has been received.

Only your name and reservation requirements are used when making reservations at the Golf Courses. Club Murcia ensures that the contact information you supply to us while making green fee reservations is not passed on to any third party.

Email Correspondence
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Online Payments
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Telephone Payments
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