It used to be a prerequisite to have a valid Handicap Certificate in order play Golf in Murcia. This is no longer necessary but it is still a requirement to have valid insurance.

How to obtain a Handicap Certificate and get insured with the RFEG.

Under the instruction of the Royal Golf Federation of Spain (RFEG), the Golf Courses will levy a daily surcharge* per player per round. This surcharge temporarily affiliates players to the RFEG and the player is covered under the RFEG Group Insurance Policy.

This surcharge is officially a "Daily RFEG License" however it is generally referred to as the "Insurance Surcharge" as this is the main benefit to players.

It is possible to avoid the Daily RFEG License (or insurance surcharge) by obtaining an "Annual RFEG License". This will not only provide annual insurance cover under the RFEG Group Insurance Policy but it will also provide the player with a valid EGA Handicap Certificate.

Local players can either register through a their Spanish Golf Society (provided the Golf Society is officially registered with the RFEG) or in person via any Murcia Golf Course (via the Caddie Masters Office/Pro-Shop).

Each Golf Course can offer everyone the chance to apply for a Annual RFEG License which will automatically cover the individual for any accident that he/she might suffer/cause while playing Golf at a RFEG Golf Course.

Note: 99% of the 300+ Spanish Golf Clubs are part of the RFEG.

The RFEG Group Insurance policy is designed to meet Spanish Legislation and it is for this reason private/personal Travel/Golf Insurance policies are not normally accepted.

Note: Please remember that alternative Travel/Golf insurance policies will provide other benefits therefore players are encouraged to review their own personal requirements.
Annual RFEG Licenses are valid for one calendar year, running from the 1st January to 31st December and the cost is currently 78€ (2021) for adults with Handicap or 63.90€ without Handicap. Rates are reduced for Children. To get the full 12 months, players should apply at the beginning of the year. Note: An Annual Adult License without a Handicap would suit players who don't wish to play in RFEG Tournaments.
However, as the Annual RFEG License includes a Handicap, Golfers are entitled to enter a number Open Golf Competitions, Events and Tournaments throughout Spain. The earlier players obtain their Annual License, the more Tournaments they can enjoy.

When applying, beginners will automatically receive a 36 handicap but if a player has a Handicap from their own Club or elsewhere, they can get the Handicap transferred provided they present a valid Handicap Certificate on application.

To apply for an Annual RFEG License, players can obtain Registration Forms at most Golf Resorts in the Caddies Office/Pro-Shop. The Registration Form is also available online. (See the link below)

The Registration Form comes in two parts;

- The top part requires players to fill in their personal and bank details.

- The bottom half authorizes the bank to renew your annual membership each January via direct debit.

Note: A Spanish address and Bank Account are required.

The top half is returned to the Pro Shop and the bottom half is retained and handed to the Bank by the player.

Note: To cancel your Spanish License, you simply contact your Bank and cancel your Direct Debit before the 1st January, ie before the end of the year.

Your Golf Society or preferred Golf Course, will send the forms to the Murcia Golf Federation, which in turn processes the forms and sends them to the Spanish Golf Federation in Madrid.

Within a few weeks you will receive your Annual RFEG License/Handicap Certificate at the address provided. Players can automatically consider themselves affiliated to the RFEG from the moment they hand the form into the Pro-Shop on application as a Temporary Paper License is usually provided.

Remember, you can pick up a Registration Form from any Pro Shop or print a copy from the following link:

The form is in Spanish but the Caddie Masters office/Pro-Shop can help with the application. For further details contact your local Murcia Golf Course or speak to your nearest official Golf Society.

ONLINE: It is now possible to purchase an Annual RFEG License (without Handicap) online from outside Spain but we would encourage players considering this option to email the RFEG This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for clarification.

*Please remember only players with an Annual RFEG Membership License are officially exempt from purchasing the Daily RFEG Membership/Insurance surcharge. The Daily RFEG Membership charge varies from region to region. Currently, 3 euro in Murcia, 2.50 euro in Almeria and 1.50 euro in Alicante. Players who regularly play more than 20/21 Rounds per year in Spain would benefit from having an Annual RFEG License.