The 6 Nicklaus Golf Courses - Statement regarding Polaris World


As some of you may know, the Polaris World Group has not owned or managed the 6 Nicklaus Designed Golf Courses for several years.

However, there are some players who still refer to the 6 Nicklaus Designed Golf Courses as the "Polaris World Golf Courses" and this has led to some confusion recently.

The Polaris World Group sold the majority of their assets, which included their 6 Golf Courses and the Mar Menor InterContinental Hotel, to the IRM bank consortium in 2010. Since that time, the 6 Golf Courses and the hotel have not been associated with the Polaris World Group.

The Polaris World Group continued to trade but in other areas such as property ownership and property management.

Recent news that the Polaris World Group had entered voluntarily bankruptcy has cause some confusion for those who still  associate Polaris World with the Golf Courses.

News of the Polaris World Group entering voluntarily bankruptcy does not concern the 6 Nicklaus Designed Golf Courses.

The 6 Golf Courses are owned and managed by IRM and GNK Desarrollos respectively.

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