Spanish Golf Terms - Things you may Hear or Say

"Estamos aquí para jugar al Golf".... but we don't need to learn the language, do we? In short, no. Golfing terms are understood the world over but a verbal pat on the back for your fellow Golfers in Spanish, will hopefully add to the enjoyment. After all, Golf is widely considered the most social of social sports....


We have put together a very basic list of words and phrases which you might encounter while playing Golf in Spain.....and yes there are one or two swear words. We're Golfers ourselves remember!

The list is by no means comprehensive (we don't mean the swear words) but it should cover the basics and may even prompt some of you to learn more.

If there is a something we should include, please contact us and we will update the list accordingly.

Please click on the following link to view or print the list.

Spanish Golf Terms (Size. 33kb)


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