Murcia Golf Course Maintenance dates for Summer/Autumn 2013

Please see below for the planned Golf Course maintenance schedule for Summer/Autumn 2013. At Club Murcia we understand the frustration of turning up at a Golf Course to find that they had recently carried out essential maintenance work and the Greens are not in the best condition. The dates below have all been supplied by the Golf Courses and are correct at the time of publication.


Important Notice: The Golf Courses are not obliged to provide Club Murcia with the information below. In some cases, the Golf Courses will close during maintenance in other cases the Front or Back 9 will be closed while the work is undertaken and in some cases the course may even remain open. The dates below can change at short notice due to commercial and technical reasons but any changes to the dates or the type of maintenance undertaken will be at the sole discretion of the Golf Courses. Players are advised that maintenance is always discussed by Club Murcia at the time of making a reservation but that changes to the maintenance schedule is beyond our control. As much as we regularly liaise with the Golf Courses in to order to obtain the various schedules detailed below, we cannot be held responsible for any date changes or the affect maintenance may have on a reservation. We advise players that the information below (while accurate at the time of publication) is strictly for guidance only. Club Murcia has an excellent record of proactively avoiding maintenance but some players have been affected by late date changes or by "unscheduled" maintenance having been undertaken without prior knowledge. Please remember that players cannot be compensated for the affects of maintenance retrospectively.

Course Maintenance schedule taking place in order of venue:

Aguilon Golf: Dates currently not available (Expected October 13)

Altorreal Golf: Dates currently not available

Alhama Signature Golf: 26/08/13- 04/09/13 (maintenance ends on 28/08/13*)

Corvera Golf & Country Club: Dates currently not available (Expected September 13)

Desert Springs Golf Resort: 04/11/13- 14/11/13 (maintenance ends on 07/11/13*)
El Valle Golf Resort: 22/08/13- 31/08/13 (maintenance ends on 24/08/13*)

Hacienda del Alamo Golf Resort: 16/09/13 - 26/09/13 (maintenance ends on 19/09/13*)

Hacienda Riquelme Golf Resort: 19/08/13 - 28/08/13 (maintenance ends on 21/08/13*)

La Finca Golf Resort: None planned after June 13. (previous maintenance ended on 03/06/13*)

La Manga Club Golf Resort (North Course): 02/09/13 - 03/09/13 (maintenance ends on 06/09/13*)

La Manga Club Golf Resort (South Course): 17/09/13 - 27/09/13 (maintenance ends on 20/09/13*)

La Manga Club Golf Resort (West Course): 30/09/13 - 11/10/13 (maintenance ends on 04/10/13*)

La Serena Golf Resort: Dates currently not available (Expected the first week September 13)

La Peraleja Golf: Dates currently not available (Additional maintenance ongoing on the Fairways) 

La Tercia Golf: Dates currently not available (Only Micro Tynning is expected)

La Torre Golf Resort: 05/09/13- 14/09/13 (maintenance ends on 07/09/13*)

Las Colinas Golf & Country Club: 07/09/13- 18/09/13 (maintenance ends on 04/09/13*)

Las Ramblas Golf: 29/08/13- 17/09/13 (On temporary Greens until 10/09/13*)

Lorca Golf Resort & Spa: 27/08/13- 04/09/13 (maintenance ends on 28/08/13*)

Lo Romero Golf: 20/08/13- 29/08/13 (maintenance ends on 22/08/13*)

Mar Menor Golf Resort: 29/08/13- 07/09/13 (maintenance ends on 31/08/13*)

Mosa Trajectum Golf Resort: Course closed.

Roda Golf & Beach Resort: 26/08/13- 05/09/13 (maintenance ends on 29/08/13*)

Saurines de la Torre Golf Resort: 02/09/13 - 11/09/13 (maintenance ends on 04/09/13*)

Villamartin Golf: 02/09/13- 16/09/13 (On temporary Greens until 09/09/13*)

Vistabella Golf: 19/08/13- 31/08/13(maintenance ends on 25/08/13*)

A link to the first round of Hollow Tinning dates is published here: Spring/Summer 2013.

*Includes a further restriction for all reservations made through Club Murcia: Please note, we voluntarily restrict reservations for a further 7 days after the final date of maintenance work has been completed. This is to try ensure that the Golf Course has recovered sufficiently before resuming reservations. The intensity of the maintenance will vary, hole by hole and between Golf Courses, therefore the actual recovery time will also vary. A 7 day restriction should be sufficient in most cases but players are advised that this a voluntary "guideline".

The following link is very good representation of the process which takes place in Murcia and describes the importance of this treatment in maintaining quality Greens. Hollow Tynning/Hollow Coring/Green Aeration

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