Hacienda del Alamo Golf Resort - Whats New?


Hacienda del Alamo has always been a popular venue with international visitors and it remains a popular venue for local players due to the many Tournaments held at the Golf Resort throughout year. So what's new at Hacienda del Alamo?

Firstly, some very good news for everyone! The road diversion at the exit of the motorway has finally gone, players can now leave the exit and drive straight into the Golf Resort without the 5 minute excursion down the service road.

Secondly, the new hotel remains closed but with the opening of the Corvera Airport getting nearer, further news is expected regarding the hotel in the coming months.

In addition, the impressive Golf Academy is now managed directly by the Golf Resort, providing continuity between the Academy and the Golf Course.

For those of you who maybe unfamiliar with the Golf Academy at Hacienda del Alamo, the practice facilities are widely considered to be the best in the region of Murcia.

In addition to the Driving Range with numerous covered bays, the range itself is one of the largest available.

Facilities also include, practice Greens, Chipping Greens, practice Bunkers and a full size "6 Hole" Academy Course.

Whether you are a beginner or a player with single figure Handicap, the 6 Hole Academy Course provides the ideal opportunity to work on any new ideas and improvements to your game.

As you would expect, the Golf Academy at Hacienda del Alamo Golf Resort offers a wide range of tuition from resident PGA Professionals. A number of tutional aids are available and there is a dedicated Teaching Bay to assist the Professionals when analyising and focusing on specific areas of your game.

Players can take advantage of the many Tuitional Courses available or simply practice at your own pace. With a dedicated Café, players can relax between practice sessions.

The Academy facilities and the 6 Hole Academy Course is the ideal combination to practice, test and improve your game.

Club Murcia rate the practice facilities highly and we recommend a visit to 6 Hole Academy Course to "loosen up" before starting out on a full week of Golf. Especially, if you are thinking of playing the full 18 Hole Course.

The Hacienda del Alamo Golf Course was (or possibly still is) the longest Golf Course in Spain. With that in mind the course will challenge most players. Click here to read our Hole-by-Hole review.

There is far more to this Golf Course than "big hitting", Hacienda del Alamo requires plenty of subtle shots and any decent score around this Golf Course is well earned.

After the round, the Clubhouse is one of the very best in the region, excellent facilities throughout and a great place to relax, enjoy a meal and a cold beer!

Tournaments take place throughout the year and players are welcome to attend whenever they are in the region. In many cases, players will require an annual RFEG License but players may still be able to play as a guest if necessary.

Just contact the Pro-Shop for further details, click here for the current list of Tournaments (correct as of 23 February 2012)


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