La Serena Golf re-opens with new Greens and a Splendid New Offer!


Since first opening its doors in 2006, La Serena Golf has been a hugely popular venue. Despite dividing option about whether water really is in play on 16 out of 18 holes (even we can't agree on that one!), La Serena has remained in the top 3 most played venues for visiting Golfers, so whats been happening recently?.


In a nutshell, maintenance!

During June, July, August and September 2012, La Serena has been carrying out intensive maintenance on all the Greens. Why? Well, it's all to do with our old friend Hollow Tinning!

As many of you will know, Club Murcia go to great lengths to avoid maintenance. However despite all our efforts to help players avoid Hollow Tinning (like the plague!), we do in all seriousness, fully appreciate the very important roll this process plays in keeping Greens healthy and in good condition.

Without Hollow Tinning, the Greens will eventually suffer and even die off. Therefore it is essential and needs be carried out correctly.

Over the last two years some mistakes ocurred during Hollow Tinning and the Greens at La Serena started to show signs of damage. As a result, prompt action was required and 8 Greens needed to be temporarily closed while intensive repairs were carried out. In addition, the salt content of the water supply was too high and the desalination plant has been cranked back up to full production.

Fans of La Serena will be pleased to hear that things are almost back to normal and the hard work over the Low Season has paid off.

Whilst there is still some work to do (for example, one practice Greens remain under repair), La Serena is once again attracting a large number of players.

Update: 12/01/13 - Condition very good with positive feedback from players. The Greens are 95% recovered. Some minor maintenance work on going. One practice Green open, one recently reseeded.

Remember, La Serena Golf Resort still occupies a favourable position close to the beach, it remains close the town of Los Alcázares and is still less than 10 minutes from Murcia, San Javier Airport.

For those of you who have not tried La Serena before, it has an excellent Clubhouse, very good Changing Rooms, a very busy and popular Restaurant and Lounge and a separate Bar showing Live Sports.

There is the excellent hotel, complete with indoor and outdoor swimming pools and Spa treatments. The Hotel is a short walk from the Clubhouse and just a short drive by Taxi to the coastal town of Los Alcázares.

So, if you had wondered why La Serena has been off limits last summer (Low Season 2012), now you know. However, things are on the up!

Whether you are new to La Serena or trying it again, remember the following tip from the Caddie.

"This is a short course, so placement is key to a good score. Remember to take the water of play and leave your Driver in the boot of your car!


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