Volcanic Ash Cloud 2011 – Advice


With the recent eruption of the Grimsvotn Volcano on Sunday 21st May 2011, ash is expected to enter UK Airspace on Tuesday morning 24th May 2011. Some regional flights have been cancelled by LoganAir in Scotland on Monday evening 23rd May 2011 but in general, the major Airlines expect the disruption to be much less than April 2010.

Latest News: 31/05/2011 - No further disruption.

The situation is being closely monitored by the Icelandic and UK Met Office including national Metrological offices across Europe.

Club Murcia would like to reassure players that we will deal with any concerns in the same way with dealt with similar concerns last year.

Based on our experience from the 2010 Volcanic Ash disruption, we can provide the follow general advice:

Please contact your Airline or departing Airport should you have doubts over whether your flight will be operating normally. If your flight is cancelled or delayed, you will be notified by the Airline concerned.

In the event that the your flight is cancelled or delayed, please contact Club Murcia regarding any Tee Time Reservation/s you may have made with us by replying to your “Voucher email” or your “Confirmation email”.

We can either Re-Book your reservation/s (for an alternative date if you intend to rearrange flights) or we can Cancel your reservation, if necessary.

Regarding refunds we can either, provide a credit note (against a future reservation if you intend to re-book your flight) or provide a full deposit refund.

We realise that some flights may not be cancelled until the last minute but we will liaise with the Golf Resorts in order to ensure players are not charged for “No-Shows”.

If your flight is effected, please let us know at the earliest opportunity either via email (by replying to any previous reservation emails) or by calling 0845 617 0599.

NB: During the 2010 disruption, some players cancelled reservations assuming their flight would be cancelled, only to find the flight operated as normal. Once we have cancelled reservations and issued refunds it may be possible to re-book at very short notice, subject to availability. If possible, we would advise players to wait until they are certain of their flight status before cancelling.

We would like to reassure players that we will manage the impact any potential disruption as quickly possible.

Club Murcia look after several thousand players a year. In the event of major disruption, we would ask players to be patient while we respond to everyone affected.


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