Additional Golf Courses now available through Club Murcia


Club Murcia are pleased to inform all players that we have added some additional Golf Courses to our Discount Green Fee Reservation Service.


On a monthly basis the Club Murcia website regularly receives over 10,000 visitors a month, many of whom are looking for discounted Green Fees.

The feedback has always been positive but we have regularly been asked to include some additional Golf Courses in the neighbouring regions of Alicante and Almeria.
As we are Club "Murcia" we have tried to resist Sealed, however with more and and more international players visiting Murcia each year, we have also seen an increase in the length of time players actually stay in the region.

With players looking to play anything between 3 and 8 Golf Resorts in a single trip, we have listened to all our players and added some additional courses based on their feedback.

For players arriving in the Murcia region via Alicante, we now offer the following Alicante Golf Courses:

Las Colinas Golf & Country Club
La Finca Golf Resort,
Las Ramblas Golf,
Lo Romero Golf,
Villamartín Golf,
Vistabella Golf.

For players interested in heading south from the Murcia region, players can now take advantage of the new Motorway and travel in to the Almería region.

We now offer the following Almería Golf Courses:

Aguilón Golf,
Desert Springs Golf Resort,
Valle del Este Golf Resort.

To make a reservation and to check the latest Discounted Green Fees, please take a look at the Green Fee Rates page.

We have specifically added the most requested Golf Courses. However, if you feel strongly about your favourite Golf Course or if you have a suggestion, please feel free to let us know by using our Feedback Form.


We would like to take the opportunity to thank all our players for the enormous support we regularly receive. Smile


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