Corvera Golf & Country Club begins to take shape

Yesterdays trip to the new Corvera Golf & Country Club was met with a hive of activity in and around the resort. Though the official opening date may have slipped slightly, it's good to know that the original plan that the developers had for the sister course of Roda Golf has not waivered.

The course is coming along at a fast pace and the new houses and facilities to complete this new resort are really beginning to take shape.


Driving through the resort you get a real feeling of space, and this is not surprising with the promise of just 9% build across the whole development. The wide roads, with paved walkways and natural stonewalls are already in place in most parts.

You would expect some similarities between this new resort and Roda Golf & Beach Resort, and it appears that they have taken the very best that Roda has to offer and managed to make it even better!

As we circled around the whole resort we noticed the natural stone walls being built (Roda style) and that the site had been cleverly thought out as each Phase appears to have been positioned on higher ground to enhance the views. We also noticed how large the windows were on the properties - they have obviously been designed like this to maximise and enhance the fantastic views that people will have of the course and of the mountain range that surrounds the resort. Most of the properties will benefit from a view of the golf course, a sight which will delight most visiting golfers and home owners alike.

The internal road system follows the resort perimeter and you can drive a full circle and also cut in and across to the villas which are positioned mainly to the centre of the resort, near to the Golf lake. There is also a stone walled stream that goes through the resort feeding into the lake which will make for a really nice feature both on and off the golf course.

With the first occupants getting ready for the hand over, anyone who has purchased for personal use and/or lifestyle wont be disappointed.

Corvera Golf & Country Club promises to be a high quality golf resort within a stunning natural environment, and after our visit we can start to see just how great this resort will be.

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Property Offers at Corvera Golf & Country Club

New Property Prices start from 155.000 euro for a 1 bed Penthouse Mora (pictured below). There are a wide range of properties available from 1 bedroom properties up to 4 bedroom luxury villas.

Note: Prices correct as of 2009 



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