Corvera International Airport - Update Nov 2009

Despite the current economic crisis the construction of the new international airport at Corvera is still underway. Luis Rivero, the President of Sacyr Vallehermoso, has confirmed that there will be no delay to the opening of the airport. This statement was released during a visit to the airport earlier this month by Ramon Luis Valcarcel (President of the Region of Murcia), Jose Ballesta (Minister for Public Works) and Luis Rivero.


During the inspection to the site Jose Ballesta commented that once the airport is open it will be capable of handling 16 flights per hour which is approximately 2,200 passengers. President Valcarcel added, “Hopefully within a very short time the airport will be operating close to 24,000 flights per year and handling more than 3 million passengers.”

After only 6 months since construction began on July 24th, shapes of the new passenger terminal and control towers can now be seen. The 3 km runway is also beginning to take shape on this 3,000 hectare plot which will soon be the new international airport.

President Valcarcel added, “This is not like the Tajo-Segura water project; the construction work on this airport has a deadline date which must be met.”

Construction work is scheduled to end by August 2010, followed by several months where tests will be carried out before the final permissions are given to the project.


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