Mosa Trajectum - New Water Supply

Mosa Trajectum Golf has had difficulty with it's water supply for regular course maintenance. On the 7th September 09, Club Murcia carried out a detailed inspection of the Golf Resort.

 We can provide players with the following update:

A new supplier has been agreed and the new water source is already supplying the resort. A new network of water pipes are currently being installed, concentrating initially on distribution across the Pine and Stone Courses.

The Lakes located in and around both these courses are being filled and at the time of the inspection, the lake surrounding the Par 3 Island Green (Hole 3 on the Pine Course) was almost full.

As the new pipes are installed, it will take time to fill all the lakes on the Stone and Pine Courses.

Condition of the three Courses (as of the 07/09/09):

Stone & Pine Courses - Open. Olive Course - Closed until further notice.

The Greens are in very good condition on both the Stone & Pine Courses.

Fairways - Brown (Over seeding will be required over the coming months)

Tee Boxes - Brown

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Club Murcia will be making regular visits to the Golf Resort. All players making a reservation, will be advised accordingly.

UPDATE: 15/10/2010 - Condition of the Course has significantly improved since the new water supply was installed in 2009.


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