Roda Golf Course opens the PGA Golf Academy


The professional and amateur golfer can now enjoy the most advanced technology to develop and improve their game at the golf academy at Roda Golf Course, with the approval and the direct supervision of the Professional Golf Association (PGA), the most prestigious in the world.

The facilities provide golfers of all levels, the latest generation of specialist equipment, necessary to improve his or her game. This is the most advanced technology including: the GASP (analysis of the movements through video recording), biomechanics system SAM, Puttlab, the K-Vest, 3D modelling, a force platform to assess balance and weight transfer and the TrackMan launch system to measure, ball carry, flight and spin rate. Ideal for accurate club fitting and choosing the right kind of ball.

At the academy, there are two areas of instruction designed by experienced professionals in order to offer the general public the latest learning techniques. In addition, there are ten other individual practice areas that will offer players a spacious and private atmosphere in order to practice. It is worth noting there is a total area of 970 meters set aside for practice, including putting green and pitching area that offers players a chance to improve the short game.


The Academy of Roda Golf Course will open it's facilities throughout the year for all types of golfers, from the novice to the most advanced professional. It will offer several training programs, in order to satisfy each and every one of the golfers, taking into account their needs and demands for personal improvement. The team of teachers at the academy comprises of experienced professionals from the world of golf.

The academy's main training covers not only the physical aspect but also include psychological and technical training. These aspects require individual schedules for each player, with the aim of maximizing their performance over the duration of the course.

Enrollment at the academy can be individual or in a group and a schedule is given to each player based on their current level. This ensures that the player's level can be tracked in the future as the training progresses. This improvement plan or schedule, is extremely professional and customized to all players as the Professional Golf Association (PGA) of Europe has overseen both the construction of the facility itself and the teaching level of all the teachers for the new PGA academy at Roda Golf.


Nicky Lawrenson (pictured right with the Director of Golf) has a Certificate AA PGA. Nicky started to play golf more than 20 years ago, initially as a hobby which eventually became her way of life. Her professional career began at the home of the PGA, The Belfry, where she played host to many tournaments, not least The Ryder Cup.

She later moved to the United Arab Emirates in order to supplement her training and work experience, working in "Emirates Golf Club." In Dubai she gained experience from coach Peter Cowen and she finally gained her license as a Senior Academy Instructor. During this stage she acquired a lot of experience working with Peter Cowen, coach to many professional players on the tour, such as Henrik Stenson and Ian Woosnam. Because of her continued desire for progress in the world of golf, Nicky attended seminars and studied the principles of renowned coaches such as Butch Harmon, David Leadbetter and of course Peter Cowen himself.

Her passion for golf has also taken her to the golf courses in Melbourne (Australia), where she worked with the greatest experts in the field of physiotherapy and health applied to golfers. Nicky has trained golfers of all ages and abilities throughout her career. Her ideals are based on a holistic approach to learning, coupled with a great passion, motivated primarily by the development of each of her players. Training with her improvement staff is always fun and easy.

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