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The Nicklaus Golf Trail offers its titleholders a 25-year right to play, with unlimited access to golf courses throughout the year and booking preference. Titleholders can play on all 9 golf courses* (including the Signature course and the two Bear’s Best courses which bring together the best 36 Nicklaus holes from around the world), and experience the quality of Nicklaus Design, the company which has produced 59 of the world’s top 100 golf courses according to several golfing publications(2).


Enjoy the very best golf right from the word go. As a member of the Nicklaus Golf Trail, as well as being given a transferable title with a 25-year right to play, you will be able to start playing some of the best holes in Europe with no waiting and for as long as you want.

* The Nicklaus Golf Trail currently has 3 golf courses in operation with a fourth opening in the first trimester of 2008. Work on a further 2 courses is in progress and 3 more courses are in the planning phase. (Although Polaris World will do its very best to ensure the courses are available as soon as possible, no commitment can be made as far as opening dates for the courses are concerned, as certain procedures are pending which are out of Polaris World’s control).

Price for 25 year Membership is currently 30,000 euro

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1. How many golf courses make up the Nicklaus Golf Trail?
The Nicklaus Golf Trail comprises 9 golf courses, two of which are Bear’s Best, a collection of 36 of Nicklaus’ best holes. Of the 9 courses, three are already up and running and a fourth is set to open in the first trimester of 2008. Work is in progress on a further two courses and three more are in the planning stages.

2. Will I be able to transfer my right to play in the future?
Yes. You can sell or transfer your right to play at any time.

3. Will Polaris World charge me for the change of titleholder if I decide to sell or transfer my right to play?
No. Polaris World will not charge for the sale or transfer of your membership to a third party.

4. I currently have yearly membership, what do I have to do to get a right to play?
You can purchase your right to play now. The proportional part of your yearly membership which has not been used will be discounted from the price.

5. Will Polaris World reduce the price of the rights to play in the future?
No. Polaris World guarantees that it will never sell the rights to play for less than the original published price.

6. Will the Nicklaus Golf Trail maintenance tariff go up in the future?
In the contract, Polaris World clearly states that the variation in the annual maintenance tariff will never exceed the annual CPI published by the Spanish government.

7. Will the price of the green fees go up in the future for members of the Nicklaus Golf Trail?
Polaris World states in the contract that the price of green fees for members will never be more than a tenth of the public tariff.

8. Who is covered in the family membership?
The family right to play can be used by the titleholder, his/her partner and all their children.
The maintenance quota will be increased by 300€ for each son or daughter of 19 and over included in the membership. Under 19’s will not be liable for any maintenance costs.

9. Until what age can my children be included in my family membership?
Your children may use the family membership until they are 25. When they are 26 they may buy their own right to play and we will offer them a 10% discount.

10. Do I have to have a right to play to be able to play on the Nicklaus Golf Trail courses?
No. If you do not want to purchase a Nicklaus Golf Trail right to play, you may pay for individual green fees or buy vouchers for 4 or 10 green fees with special tariffs.

Note: Details correct at the time of publication.


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