More Hotels for the Murcia Region

Over the next four years there will be an increase in the number of hotels in Murcia to cope with the increasing demand for quality accommodation in the region. Dyrecto, a consulting firm, has conducted a study of the main hotel chains throughout Spain to determine their plans for expansion over the next four years. The study shows that 10% of all the hotels to be built in the next four years in Spain will be in the region of Murcia.


According to the Planning Department for the region of Murcia, the figures direct from Dyrecto’s study ring true, as 42 hotels are either being built or are in the planning stages. This does not include the 22 hotels that have been included in the Marina de Cope project in Aguilas.

Currently 12 hotels are being built in the region of Murcia, which will provide an additional 1,701 beds; of these hotels, one will be a five star in La Manga. There will be six other 4-star hotels, four 3-star hotels and one 2-star hotel.

The following list of hotels that are under construction proves that tourism in the Murcia region is growing stronger than ever:

The Olympia in Totana,
Prosadas de España in Cartagena,
Monteagudo in Murcia,
Lo Sola in Los Alcazares,
Camposol Hotel in Mazarron,
Los Periquitos in Fortuna,
The Abity in La Manga,
The Riscal in Puerto Lumbreras,
Umbral del Mar Menor in Los Narejos.


Note: Correct at the time of publication. Some of the projects above did not get completed.


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