MurciAmiga Golf Challenge 2008

Entries are now being taken for the MURCIAmiga Golf Challenge 2008. The event will comprise of 6 tournaments at the following golf courses in the Murcia region: Altorreal, Roda Golf, Sensol, Mosa Golf Murcia and Hacienda del Alamo. This Golf Challenge 2008 is organized in collaboration with the Murcia Golf Association (MGA).


MURCIAmiga Golf Challenge 2008 Tournaments

March 8th : Altorreal Golf
April 12th : Roda Golf & Beach Resort
April 26th : Sensol Golf
May 10th : Mosa Trajectum Golf Murcia
May 24th : Hacienda del Alamo Golf Resort
June 14th : ? Surprise Course

Gran Final Challenge 2008
September 20th : Altorreal Golf

Green Fee: 50 € (IVA included)

To book your place in the MurciAmiga Golf Challenge 2008 please contact the golf course direct.

While having the opportunity to play golf itself is already a great reward, MURCIAamiga offers all the Golf Challenge participants an opportunity to feel like an authentic professional: not in terms of money earned but referring to the luxurious prizes they can win. Cars, Brand Watches, Sports Equipment, Golf Goods, High-End Jewellery, Short-Breaks, Wines with with even more prizes for all the players that qualify for the GRAN FINAL of the Golf Challenge 2008.

Prize list and raffle for the Big Final of the Golf Challenge MURCIAamiga 2008.

The qualifying players win, a selection of Sports material will be handed over, a bottle of wine from the house of “Marqués de Arienzo - reserve del 96”, Caps, Polos, Golf Goods and a souvenir to remember the event.

a) The first three classified in each category win, a weekend stay in Thalasia, Wine and Champagne, Sport materials, a Trophy and a Souvenir.

b) Holes in One win; The 4 Par 3 holes during the championship will have the following special prizes, apart from the sports material for nearest the pin, at every one of the holes.

- 2 cars
- 2 buggies

c) Food: At hole 9 of the course there will be big tents with all type of food and typical products of the area.

d) The Longest drive and the nearest the pin: sports material

e) Big raffle of prizes: among the participants a large quantity of gifts will be given away. Sport material, clothes, wines, etc.

f) Photographs: all the players will be able to download the photos of the championship via www.murciamiga.com

g) Free subscription: all the players will have the possibility to receive the magazine MURCIAamiga at home, during the whole year.

h) Short Breaks and stays in SPA: different Breaks will be raffled in a SPA and hotels of the region.

Besides the championship at the individual courses, a large number of tests and games will be arranged for the spectators that come to watch the challenge. The longest Put, the longest Drive, the Best Approach, Golf Classes and improvement classes, etc …

Rules of the Golf Challenge 2008

Qualifying Stage - 6 individual matches according to the Calendar schedule.

Players in possession of a state licence with a handicap validated by the RFEG. Players must be older than 18 years old

18 holes - individual Stableford, with full handicap.


1ª Up to Handicap 15 (15,4)
2ª From Handicap 16 (15,5) and above.

1ª Up to Handicap 9 (9,4)
2ª From Handicap 10 (9,5) to HEX 18 (18,4)
3ª From Handicap 19 (18,5) and above.

Scratch (non-accumulative)
Best result without category distinction

The handicaps played in accordance to the par for each individual course, calculated on the basis of handicaps, with limitations established by the RFEG.

The category corresponding to the registration in the first round of the qualifying stage will prevail in the following rounds as well as the final, regardless of handicap changes produced during the competition

The clubs reserve the right to organize the order of play by handicap or conforming to the criterion determined by the Organization and / or the respective Competition committees present at each round.

Qualification and prizes;
The criteria for qualification for the Grand Challenge Final 2008 are as follows:

The players who comply with the following requisites will be left to dispute the final:

- Participate in a minimum of two rounds of the Qualification Stage
- Qualify in which ever round in accordance with the following criteria:

Ladies category;
The first three qualifiers of the 1st and 2nd categories.

Gentleman category;
The first three qualifiers of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd categories

The scratch winner of each round.

The positions obtained in 2 or more rounds are cumulative in as much as a player who qualifies in a round will be able to opt to compete in whatever other match of the qualification stage.

The prizes established by MurciAmiga and its sponsoring companies will consist of a commemorative trophy which will be presented to all qualifying players in the Challenge Tour Final of 2008.

Competition Committee;
In each round this committee will be:

- The manager or director of the hosting Golf Club or, in his absence the president of the Competition Committee of said club.
- An MGA board member.
- A MurciAmiga representative.

The committee will intervene and resolve any discrepancy that may arise during any given round, applying the local Club rules and regulations of the RFEG that are in force on the day of the competition.

Gran Final Golf Challenge 2008

The final will be contested by those players who have qualified through the Qualification Stages conforming to the criteria mentioned previously and who are in possession of a State Licence validated by the RFEG. Registration is totally free for all qualifiers.

18 Stableford individual Handicap holes

Categories and Prizes;
The categories and prizes will be communicated to those qualifying players well in advance of the Final. A special prize will be presented to players in each category with the best stableford points score after adding the three best cards chosen from distinct rounds of the qualification stage in which they have participated.

Competition Committee;

Will be made up of
-The manager or director of the hosting golf club or in his absence the President of the Competition Committee of said club.
-An MGA board member
-A MURCIAamiga representative
-A referee from the FGRM

At the same time as this competition is being placed another match will be contested by the sponsoring companies and collaborators of The 2008 Golf Challenge (strictly invitation only).

At the completion of the Grand Final match there will be a Cocktail followed by the presentation of the prizes and gifts to all participants to the value of €50,000 put forward by the sponsoring companies & collaborators.

MurciAmiga reserves the right to modify whatever point related to the 2008 Golf Challenge and the Final, including the rules with respect to what is shown in this article.

Please contact MurciAmiga for further information.

Note: Details correct at the time of publication.


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