Force Plate Analysis System - Now at the new Roda Golf Academy

Club Murcia met up with the new Roda Golf Academy Director, Nicky Lawrenson and enjoyed a sneak preview of the state-of the-art technology on offer at the PGA endorsed Academy.


The Academy at Roda is one of only a handful of facilities in Europe able to offer golfers the full suite of golf analysis and training using the latest technology. With the guidance of the PGA, the new Academy is fitted out to a similar specification seen only at the Belfry and Gleneagles.

Over the coming weeks Club Murcia will run a series of articles outlining the scope of the new training facility. At the end of the series, Club Murcia will be offering a prize at the Academy to one our readers. Remember to stay tuned for your chance to win with Club Murcia!

The focus this week is on the Force Plate Analysis System which perhaps only a few of our readers may have heard of before. This is an incredibly simple yet effective way of analysing how well a player can shift their weight and maintain the correct balance throughout their swing.

Research has proven that 99.9% of all players can't fully appreciate the effect of the center of gravity on their golf swing and how this relates to significant game improvement. We all have some appreciation for the correct weight transfer and keeping the weight on the balls of our feet but few of us can visualise what may be the single most important part of the swing .... balance. When we get our balance wrong we can see and feel the results but learning how to get it right requires the right kind of positive feedback. The only feedback our guinea pig would admit to, is the feeling of loosing balance while finishing a rather unflattering swing! We can spare his blushes as we have all been there from time to time.

Players may have benefited from seeing themselves on video but very few golfers will have graphically seen the effects of the "Center of Gravity" on their own golf swing. Now they can with the Stance Analysis Force Plate - SAM Balance Lab at the Roda Golf Academy.

The Force Plate is an electro-mechanical data acquisition system located under the practice mat. The force plate connects to the Academy's large LCD screen and a computer constantly monitors the weight in all 4 quadrants. These quadrants are the Heel and Toe of each foot. The plate has 2500 sensors which can analyse the weight distribution and display the results graphically in real time as the player moves. Data is displayed as an animated graphic, with individual data points indicating, Position and Acceleration throughout the swing. This animation is instantly recorded and can be replayed several times over.

By watching the large screen, players will instantly visualise where their weight should be centered at address and will immediately start to feel what should be the correct weight shift and balance throughout the swing.

The Force Plate is one of the best training devices available to the Academy staff as it compliments and reinforces some of the areas identified for improvement by your PGA Professional.

Features of the Force Plate

The system has taken biomechanical weight transfer analysis to the next level by giving the golf instructor and player the ability to:

- See precise weight distribution for right and left foot.
- See precise weight distribution for heel and toe.
- See instant feedback in a simple and informative way.
- Watch live data in both 3 Dimensional and 2 Dimensional views.
- It calculates the Center-of-Gravity and shows data in real time.
- Players can see and review a video recording of the swing displayed simultaneously along side the weight transfer data.
- Replay mode gives players and instructors the ability to view data in slow motion or in single step mode.

The PGA Professionals can also use audio and visual feedback to explain complex movements to their players with ease. It provides simple visual feedback so that weight distribution can be presented graphically in real time as you complete the swing. Imagine fixing that reverse pivot by simply improving your balance and weight transfer.

Each analysis can be related to a fade, straight, or draw. This tool allows players to practice a movement through visual or auditory feedback, making it an invaluable training device.

Use the same tools as the PGA Professionals, why not try it!. Now available at Roda Golf Academy, to book please call: 968 173 093

All data captured at the Roda Golf Academy can be saved and reviewed at a later date, allowing players to monitor their improvements.

"The single-most useful training tool since the development of video 20 years ago," says Dr. Jim Suttie, 2000 PGA Teacher of the Year.

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