K-Vest - Now at the new Roda Golf Academy

Club Murcia met up with the new Roda Golf Academy Director, Nicky Lawrenson and enjoyed a sneak preview of the state-of the-art technology on offer at the PGA endorsed Academy. The Academy at Roda is one of only a handful of facilities in Europe able to offer golfers the full suite of golf analysis and training using the latest technology.


With the guidance of the PGA, the new Academy is fitted out to a similar specification seen only at the Belfry and Gleneagles

Club Murcia have run a series of articles outlining the scope of the new training facility at Roda Golf. This article completes the series and Club Murcia, in conjunction with the Roda Golf Academy, are offering a prize at the Academy to one our readers, and they can take a friend along!

We will be running a competition for the chance to Win 1 FREE hour of Individual Golf Tuition, for two people plus a FREE round of golf on the Roda Golf Course (to put into practise what you have learnt).

The focus this week is on the new state-of-the-art K-Vest, a 3D wireless biofeedback system. It is a completely mobile, easy to use, interactive system that combines video analysis, 3D analysis, and real-time feedback to make communication easier between instructor and student.

The K-Vest allows the user to view video, 3D animation, and key swing data. The following data can be collected at any position of the golf swing:

"Alignment" - by measuring and displaying static and dynamic alignments (number of degrees open/closed) of the hips, shoulders, and arms in relation to a virtual target line set by your instructor.

"Posture" - Measures and displays static and dynamic postural alignments, including flexion/extension of the hips and right and left lateral bending of the spine.

"Hip Rotation" - Measures and displays hip rotation in the backswing/downswing.

"Shoulder Rotation" - Measures and displays shoulder rotation in the backswing/downswing.

"Arm Rotation" - Measures and displays the amount of arm rotation in the backswing/downswing.

"Kinetic Link" - Measures and displays velocities of the hips, shoulders, and arms during the backswing/downswing.

"Timing" - Measures and displays timing and sequence relation of the hips, shoulders, and arms during the backswing and downswing.

The K-VEST is currently used by PGA Professionals, and PGA teaching professionals and coaches, such as David Leadbetter.

"The K-VEST makes it possible for me and our certified instructors to collect precise biomechanical data from our students, allowing unprecedented insight into the mechanics of the golf swing.

I am confident that this technology is the future of golf instruction," David Leadbetter.

This interactive approach to golf instruction makes understanding the swing as easy as obeying traffic lights!

The K-Vest plays a soft piece of music when you are in the correct position and stops if you stray too far. The video display also shows ´Green´ when you are correct and ´Red´ when your not .. a very easy and simple way to learn!

Use the same tools as the PGA Professionals, why not try it!. Now available at Roda Golf Academy, to book please call: 968 173 093

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