Murcia Wine in the Top 5 of Wine Exports

The Region of Murcia is the 4th Spanish community in volume terms for wine exports to the United States. In 2007, over 12.3 million euros worth of wine was exported to the US, according to information from the region's Administration.


The phenomenal growth means that since 2001, sales figures have risen by over 700 percent. The plans put in place to increase sales two years ago are clearly having an impact, after steps were taken to promote the region's bodegas and wines to a wider international marketplace.

Since 2006, seven bodegas of the Yecla and Jumilla origin have taken part in a series of promotional drives to publicise their wines in America. A deal with importers and distributors in California has been in place since February, meaning that Murcia wines have a foothold in the American market and are now set on increasing their market share.

The region's wines have seen a spectacular increase in export figures to America, rising from 1.5 million euros in 2001 to 10.6 million euros in 2006. The increase in exports has been brought about by the promotion of the region's wines under the slogan "Unexpected Spain: Monastrell. Wines of Murcia".

Bodegas offering good quality wines representative of the area have taken part. Throughout the last year, many producers have taken part in shows, tastings and exhibitions across America where they have had the chance to promote the wines of Murcia to the North American consumers.

The promotion appears to have been very successful, with one of the main wine publications in the US recognising the different characteristics of the wines under the feature "The Mystery and Magic of Murcia".

In addition, the Washington Post featured Murcian wines in an article entitled "Murcia's Emerging Excellence".

Wines from the region's bodegas from Jumilla were highly praised, so let's hope that all the publicity boosts sales further for the region's producers.

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