Can You Feel It? Donald Ross does. But who is he and why should you care?

We know what you're thinking ... Donald Ross, Donald Ross - I've heard that name before. Isn't he the South African guy that pioneered open heart surgery way back when? No not this one though he's pretty accurate with a blade in his hands.


Oh then he must be the Scottish Course Architect who masterminded Pinehurst No2 and many other stunning courses. Now your getting warmer as he is a proud Scott and has certainly had a major influence on the way courses have been played all over the world.

OK let's fill you in on the blanks. Our Don is one of the most controversial golfing Guru's the sport has ever seen. He has taught quite literally thousands of golfers worldwide from beginner to Pro and always with the same ethos as the backbone and foundation - FEEL and INSTINCT!

That's right Feel and Instinct. So for those of you anticipating the usual inundation of pro's terms like Stacking, Set, Angle of Impact, open, shut, laying, smothering, chopping or choking you're either going to be disappointed or truly hypnotised by what Our Don is about to tell you.

I suspect that there are still a percentage of you shaking their heads in disbelief at the notion that all the mental torture you've endured over the years in a bid for golfing utopia could have been in vain. How could all those endless hours of practice drills you employed from painstaking research and analysis have been so futile and who is this Don Ross geezer to tell me different.

Well he's been a full time Pro on the Tours. He's been based at the famous Gleneagles and Montecastillo during all the Volvo masters tournaments and his techniques have seen radical improvement made to over 20,000 golf swings whether good, bad or indifferent to start with. He's still the secret weapon to a host of who's who's on the Euro Tours and has spent 40 years developing the most natural and understandable way to play golf ever devised!

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Source and Images: Chip and Spin


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