An interview with Trevor Immelman

Ladies and gentleman, Chip & Spin is pleased to announce that we have a very special interview with the 2008 green jacket winner. Here is a taster of the questions that Chip & Spin asked Trevor in their May issue ...


Just going into the Masters before the Tournament, taking into account the health issues you've been through, plus you missed a few cuts this year; what were your expectations in terms of your chances?
Well, that's a pretty good question there, because obviously since winning the Nedbank Challenge, it's been quite an interesting time for me, going through the surgery and doing all the rehab and recovery on that.

And then once I got back to it and got back out on the course and started playing some golf, my game just wasn't quite in the same condition it was pre-surgery. And I've had to put a lot of effort into it to try and feel comfortable on the golf course again and hit the same shots that I used to hit.

And so it's been a very frustrating time for me. And you know, my wife will attest that I've probably been like a bear with a sore head at times, wondering if I was ever going to get back to that same level.

But the week before Augusta at the Houston Open, I really started striking the ball well. I felt comfortable with my swing. I knew that going to Augusta, if I could keep that same form with my long game and then maybe try and find a little something on the greens, I knew that I would have chance for me to have a good week. I feel comfortable on the golf course. And obviously as a professional golfer, any time you go to Augusta, you get those extra juices flowing, because you know, it's such a special place, and you know, as a pro, it's a dream come true just to go there and compete. It's hallowed ground for us.

Day by day, you're at the top of the leaderboard every day, did those expectations change when you really had a chance and realized that? How did you handle being the leader throughout the Tournament?
Funnily enough, I handled it a lot better than I thought I would. You know, because obviously there's a lot of pressure going into the Tournament, as you said. Nobody really expected me to win the thing, so there was no real expectation from anybody going into the week.

But after the first round of the Tournament, people started taking notice and I started getting a bit more attention, and then as the week went on, those expectations just grew from everybody.

But for me personally, I think for some odd reason, I was just so focused and I was focused on every shot; and I knew that it was going to be such a demanding week and that I just had to stay in the right place mentally.

Somehow, I managed to do that. So I never really let my mind wander. I never let my mind get too far ahead of me. I was really into my routines and into the process. You know, for some reason, I was just so focused that I managed to hold onto that lead.

Source and Images: Chip and Spin

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