Chip and Spin magazine now being offered on British Airways

British Airways has joined the growing list of leading worldwide businesses to fly the flag for Chip and Spin after agreeing to distribute the UK’s newest golf consumer magazine to its passengers across the globe. Last month, publishers Get Noticed Ltd agreed an annual deal for the title to be made available to passengers in the first-class lounges of airlines including Virgin Atlantic, Emirates, Cathay Pacific, American Airways, Air France, US Airways, KLM, BMI and FlyBe.


And business men and women and holidaymakers using British Airways will now also have the chance to enjoy one of the golf industry’s most exciting and innovative magazines as its influence spreads throughout the UK and Europe and into North America.

As well as Chip and Spin being available for passengers to read in the airline's lounges at Heathrow and Gatwick, the title will also be carried on board British Airways' Club World outbound routes to its many worldwide destinations.

The rapidly-expanding magazine will now be able to be read on British Airways flights to all 18 of their scheduled destinations in America, as well as routes to Canada, South Africa, India, China, Japan, Dubai, Argentina - and even Angola.

David Grahame, project manager for Chip and Spin, said: “The name of British Airways is synonymous with air travel around the world and to have our title in their lounges and on their long-haul flights to all corners of the globe is a major step forward for us.

“The deal we have agreed will see 5,000 copies a month of our magazine being distributed to them which is a significant amount.

“It’s our aim to get Chip and Spin into the hands of as many people as possible and the agreement with the airlines will help us to do that. We have something that no one else can offer.

“We feel that our magazine can offer an all-encompassing package and reach all sections of golfers - a first in the UK golf magazine market - and we’re seeking to grow our readership all the time.

“Through the driving ranges, first-class lounges, retail outlets and subscription services, we will be able to reach golfers when they are practising, playing, travelling, buying or simply looking to read in the comfort of their own home.”

The deal with British Airways means that Chip and Spin, which is available for retail (£3.25) at more than 250 driving ranges across the UK and at all Nevada Bob’s golf retail outlets, is now carried by 19 international airlines while it is also distributed to every UK golf club and selected clubs throughout Spain and Portugal and can be subscribed to online for just £2 per month.

Get Noticed Ltd, the UK’s largest golf media contractor based in Cheshire, launched Chip and Spin in April and has been inundated with enquiries about the company’s flagship title.

Leading golf names Nike, TaylorMade and Oceanico have already joined the impressive list of companies advertising in Chip and Spin while the magazine’s online subscription service has also attracted plenty of interest.

But the title is not stopping there with a number of new features and ideas for clubs to generate more revenue planned later in the year - while it also aims to reflect the real issues affecting their readers and focus with hard-hitting editorial on topics not usually covered by other golfing publications.

Grahame added: “We are committed to providing the golfer with a more honest slant on golf and will deliver harder-hitting views and articles specifically with the “real” golfer in mind.

“Chip and Spin has caught everyone’s attention in its first three months. Some of the biggest names in golf have come on board with us since and we are determined for that trend to continue in the coming months.”

Source: "World Golf" and "Chip and Spin"
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