Why Paul White thinks Nick Faldo is a better Captain than Paul Azinger

After borrowing some golf clubs from his next door neighbour in 1971, it took Nick Faldo just four years playing the game to become the greatest Amateur golfer in Europe. Paul Azinger's start was much more orthodox. Leading his University team to its highest ranking ever, Azinger was the Metro Conference champion and named the 'Most Valuable Player' of his1981 team.


Though this feat is impressive, in the way that a University degree is impressive; it hardly makes for inspirational reading.

Nick Faldo turned Pro in 1976 and just a year later at the age of 21 made his first Ryder Cup performance and finished eighth on the European Tour Order of Merit. He went on to win 42 Professional Tournaments (including six Majors) and take part in 11 Ryder Cups.

Paul Azinger, 48, turned Pro in 1982 and has won a comparatively pitiable 12 times since on Tour including one Major, the PGA Championship. He has been a member of just four Ryder Cup teams.

Does Faldo's experience make him a better Captain than Azinger? Well I believe it does. Dove, our American friend may say Faldo is arrogant but Faldo's sometimes *****-sure attitude has come from his knowledge of how to win in golf and will inspire the players. Due to his lack of experience in contrast, Azinger has an obvious lack of confidence which will not do his player's any good.

When asked why he needs three assistants for his Captaincy he said: 'I have an attention deficit. I mean, I go to the bathroom to brush my teeth and forget to brush my teeth.' This surely can't inspire the greatest American golfers can it?

When asked about his knowledge of Valhalla golf course Azinger responded: 'I think Europe's been able to capitalize on course set-up, take advantage of their strengths and I don't think that we have ever really even looked into that. I don't know how to make our home course an advantage at this point.

'I have the privilege to set the course up how I want but there may not be anything to do. It may be, if I look at their (European's) team and my team and realise that, well, they all - everybody hits it the same distance or something, or everybody hits the same amount of fairways or whatever, there may be no way to get that edge. But I'll look for it. If I can find it, I'll try to get it.'

Does that sound like a man with confidence? Does it even sound like he has a clue what he's doing?!


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