Improved access to Murcia golf courses, the new motorway: RM-2

The Mayoress of Cartagena, Pilar Barreiro, recently opened the new motorway joining the Campo de Cartagena with the A7 at Alhama de Murcia. Also present was the President of Murcia, Ramón Luis Valcárcel, accompanied by the Mayors of the other municipalities covered by the new stretch of motorway.


The new road, the RM-2, offers an alternative route to Cartagena and also gives motorists a quicker journey time to the coastal area of the Mar Menor and other important tourist destinations along the coast.

The motorway gives access to many important places on its route, such as the new Technology Park in Fuente Álamo, the Hacienda del Álamo Golf Resort, and the new International Airport at Corvera (currently under construction). This new road will also make travelling to the current and future golf courses much easier, with new golf resorts currently under construction at Corvera, Caravaca, Alhama de Murcia, and Lorca.

The Transport Minister, José Ballesta, estimates that the journey time between Cartagena and Alhama de Murcia has been reduced from 45 minutes to just 18 minutes. The new road which measures 36 km cost 112 million euros. This year a 28 million euro budget has been set for projects across the region's roads, and work has been contracted at a cost of 900,000 euros for repairs and improvements to signage on routes in Caravaca, Murcia, Alcantarilla, Lorca, Cartagena and Jumilla.

Image above shows the new motorway network in the Murcia region.


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