Survey reveals which Green Fee Promotions are most popular

A recent survey of 160 Club Murcia members and regular visitors were asked: "Which type of Green Fee Promotion do you prefer?"

There were 6 promotions to choose from: Early Morning Green Fee, Late Afternoon Green Fee, Breakfast + Green Fee, Lunch/Dinner + Green Fee, Buggy + Green Fees and Accommodation + Green Fees.

The results are as follows ...


The voting began immediately (this is clearly a popular topic) and the Buggy + Green Fee promotion shot to top position and remained there. Most of the golf courses in Murcia have offered a range of Buggy + Green Fee Deals throughout the Summer and these have obviously proved a huge hit for golfers.

With most of these Summer promotions due to expire at the end of the year, nows the time to make the most of these fantastic savings - view the current offers.

At the time of publishing this article (August 29th) 160 votes had been cast and the results were: the Buggy + Green Fee promotion had 40.62% of the vote, followed by the Late Afternoon Green Fee as the second most popular promotion with 22.50%. The third most popular promotion was the Early Morning Green Fee with 14.38% of the vote.


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