Something For The Weekend? The Club Murcia Roll-Up

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Work commitments can get in the way of our passion for Golf but all is not lost. Over the coming months, Club Murcia are going to pilot a monthly Roll-Up where golfers can meet like mind players. Best of all, we're even going to subsidise the Green Fees.


For some players, it's just not possible to play during the week. There are local players who have to work 9 to 5 and there are also plenty of visiting players just over for the weekend.

The Club Murcia Roll-Up is not a competition or tournament, just a casual game of golf for players who would otherwise find it difficult to find playing partners. We are simply providing casual golfers and beginners with an opportunity to meet like minded players.

The first Club Murcia Roll-Up will take place at La Serena Golf on November 1st and places are available for the following dates;

CANCELLED: 1st November 2008: La Serena, Green Fees 44 euro pp including FREE use of a Buggy.
CLOSED: 6th December 2008: La Serena, Green Fees 44 euro pp including FREE use of a Buggy.
TBC: 3rd January 2009: Venue to be Confirmed.

Registration is on a first come first served basis but if the Roll-Up is over subscribed, we will do our best to increase the number of places.

Club Murcia Roll Up: Please click here to register.

Note: Any players who miss out, will be offered first refusal at the following Roll-Up.

Remember, players of all levels are welcome!


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