Places to Visit: Fuente Álamo

Fuente Álamo is approximately 35 kms south of Murcia, the regions capital. Its year-round wonderful climate, as well as its 30 minute proximity to the coast and beautiful scenery, make it perfect for rural tourism.

Fuente Álamo is quite a large town surrounded by open plains and the mountain ranges of Agarrobo, Pinilla, Los Gomez, Los Victorias, Cabezos de Tallante and the Carrascoy National Park, whose highest peak is La Peña del Aguila. View Regional Map

Settlers in prehistoric times as well as the Romans were attracted to this town, however it was only in the 16th century that the town was oficially recognized. Fuente Álamo celebrates a number of special holidays, fiestas and festivals throughout the year with the main fiesta of the year taking place every August 28th to commemorate St. Augustine, the town’s patron saint. These are some of the most popular festivals that tourists love to see. The locals actively take part in the preparations and celebrations where many are members of associations or peñas. They eagerly welcome outsiders to join them in all the festivities.

The pine forests in the Carrascoy National Park make this area ideal for hill walking, mountain biking and horse riding. It has become one of the best stopping places for people whose interests lie in rural tourism.

The town is also next to Hacienda del Álamo Golf Resort, home to one of Spains longest Golf Courses.


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