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Los Odres is found within the Moratalla area, within the province of Murcia, approximately 30km to the west of Caravaca de la Cruz, on the south slopes of Peak Revolcadores (the highest peak in the region) at 1,300m above sea level. It is a perfect example of Rural Tourism, and when Club Murcia visited the rural tourist resort a few months ago we were blown away by it´s natural beauty.


Los Odres is set within the northwest mountain range called Sierra de Moratalla (2,000m high), and as we drove up to the resort we noticed that the countryside became more lush, it reminded us of summer meadows back in the UK. This rustic village has been carefully restored by the owners (Grupo Lopez Rejas) to protect the traditional architecture of the buildings and also to protect the livelihoods of the people who have lived in this village for centuries.

There are a wide range of activities that combine old customs and traditions, such as an experimental (organic) farm, nature classes, adventure sports and activities such as archery and horseriding.

The resort owners are dedicated to protecting the Environment, such as fauna recuperation, and the conservation of the region’s customs and architecture. When Grupo Lopez Rejas took on the project to restore this small town there were only a few inhabitants and a few ruins. You can now stay in the village houses or one of the eight bungalows which have been restored to their former glory, and each have a jacuzzi, heating and self catering facilities. We stayed in one of the newly restored bungalows, it was very cosy with rustic wood furniture, jacuzzi and an open fire (with a supply of freshly cut logs). The Mountain Bar/Restaurant has a wonderful atmosphere, and the food was fantastic.

There are a wide range of adventure sports at the resort such as mountaineering, trekking, mountain crossings, climbing, rapids, orienteering, mountain bikes, paint ball, monkey bridge, shooting, and horse riding.

Other sports at the tourist resort includes football, basketball, “petanca” (Spanish bowls), archery, marbles, rugby, baseball and a climbing wall.

This rural retreat, set in the heart of the northwest region of Murcia, really is the place to unwind and take in the stunning scenery and to marvel at nature. The clear blue skies at high altitude make this a unique setting. In Spring and Summer there is a backdrop of stunning, vivid colour, full of life and light. In Autumn the countryside is dressed in golden hues, giving way to Winter with the arrival of snow. Los Odres is open every day of the year, so no matter which month you chose to stay there you can be sure that you will enjoy yourself and your surroundings.

Los Odres provides the following services all year round:
Restored Houses and Bungalows - Mountain Bar - Luxury bedrooms - Restaurant - Coffee shop - Conference hall - Gift shop - Acclimatised swimming pool - Sports facilities.

It´s location makes it perfect for discovering the region, such as Archaeological remains, Shrines, and Springs. Or you can visit the nearby towns of Caravaca, Cehegin, Moratalla, and the local villages of Cañada de la cruz (Roman Church), and Puebla de Don Fabrique (2,300m peak, shrine and sequoias).

How to get there: You can get there quickly and easily by taking the Northwest motorway to Caravaca de la Cruz and then head towards the village of El Moral (see map below). Los Odres is only 45 minutes from the capital of the region, Murcia, and is also the same distance from the regional airport.

For more information please visit: www.odres.com

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