Places to Visit: Murcia City

Murcia City is a perfect place to gain a real insight to everyday Spanish life, with it's rich legacy of art and contrasting cultures. Carthaginians, Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, and Moors have all left their mark on the stunning local scenery.

Founded in around 831 AD by the moors in the centre of the River Segura Valley, the importance of the city over the years can be seen in the many beautiful cathedrals, palaces and other public buildings around its many narrow streets.

Murcia is a great destination for those interested in extreme sports, too, with potholing, white-water canoeing, cave-diving, deep-sea diving, paragliding and hang gliding all readily available.

Food lovers will enjoy the huge selection of tapas bars to be found in Murcia’s sleepy squares as well as the city’s more formal restaurants.

Geographically located in south eastern Spain, The autonomous community of Murcia is situated between Andalucia to the south and Alicante to the north. The area enjoys an average temperature of 22 degrees Celsius and well over 300 days of sunshine a year. The coast is known as the Costa Calida, or warm coast, due to its very warm and pleasant climate.

Murcia is characterized by its old history of commerce and agriculture. Earlier its original inhabitants, Iberian tribes, established commercial relations with Phoenicians and Greeks. It later became a Carthaginian colony, followed by the Romans. The Moors established effective and modern agricultural production, which still today is an important economic factor, thanks to their advanced technologies.

Of major touristic interest is of course the Mediterranean coast, with beaches of fine sand. The inland area is dry and offers several towns which still preserve their medieval structures and buildings.

Typical cooking includes stews, salads, roasted meat, rice, and of course great sea-food along the coast. Murcia produces wines of high quality, which are fast establishing a name for themselves, both in Spain and abroad.


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