Places to visit: Lorca

The ancient town of Lorca, whose urban centre was declared ´a Town of Historical and Artistic Interest´ in 1964, is described as ´the baroque city´, due to the important baroque heritage of its historical centre, one of the most important in the Region, and the historical events that have shaped modern Lorca from the Iron Age to our time.

Its location has been a strategic enclave throughout history. From the Paleolithic period until Roman times, a wide variety of cultures and settlers converged in the town of Lorca. The castle of Lorca, “The Fortress of the Sun”, built by the Moors in the 6th century, marked the frontier between the Christian and Muslim kingdoms.

There are a great number of archaeological sites such as the Columna Miliaria (Milestone) from the Roman age, the Tower of Espolón or the Alfonsina Tower, a Christian construction dating from after the Reconquest. There is also the ´Porche de San Antonio´, the gate through the old wall that surrounded the city (in the 10th century), the numerous churches and convents dating from different periods and built in different styles (15th century to the 18th century), the baroque palaces and stately homes, such as the Guevara Palace, the Palace of the Counts of San Julián or Casa de la Mula, the military fortress that restructures the medieval castle, or the paved streets around Plaza de España, with popular architectural buildings imbued with strong traditional character, such as La Zapatería y La Cava.

Lorca is home to some of the most important examples of Spanish baroque, when monastic orders and noble families filled the city with coats of arms, sumptuous mansions and Renaissance buildings, which even today are still a poignant reminder of the city's illustrious past.

Lorca has a population of approximately 100,000. The town blends its historical heritage with modern life. Lorca is one of the most important commercial and cultural centres in the region. It has mountains to a height of 1.500m in the north-west and unspoiled coastal areas. The surrounding areas are covered with vineyards and agriculture.

Visitors are always made more than welcome in Lorca, and its year-round good weather, restaurants, hotels and first-class tourist infrastructures, all combine to add to the rural tourism on offer in the largest district in the Region of Murcia. The city and its nearness to its many mountain chains and areas of great natural beauty make Lorca a place to have a really good time.


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