Places to Visit: Jumilla - A Rural Paradise

The town of Jumilla which is about 2 miles from the new Santa Ana Golf development is spread out around the base of the castle dating from the period of Arab domination.

The church of Santiago with gothic, renaissance and baroque architectural features is a national monument. Near to Jumilla and a short distance up the mountains overlooking the Santa Ana development is the Monasterio del Santisimo Rosario. This monastery is open to visitors and occupies a picturesque position on the mountainside overlooking the town. Further on from the monastery the road progresses around the mountains revealing spectacular panoramic views of the surrounding valleys and plains.

Like many Spanish towns Jumilla celebrates the annual fiesta and holy week with great enthusiasm. Naturally, the fiesta is linked to the main industry of the town and coincides with the Jumilla Wine Harvest Festival, the perfect occasion for sampling the regions wines. The fiesta features firework displays, a mock battle of Moors and Christians and culminates in a parade. The Holy Week ceremonies start on Palm Sunday when an image of Christ is brought from a shrine four miles away to the town. The Good Friday procession is one of the largest in Spain with over twenty different pasos (floats) bearing religious images created by the famous 18th century Murcia sculptor Francisco Salzillo.

In the surrounding villages holy week is marked with the Tamborada. This event involves the local citizenry beating drums for hours on end with the larger Tamborada involving up to 15,000 drummers. Good, if you like that sort of thing.

There are two museums in Jumilla. The Museo Jeronimo Molina has sections devoted to archaeology, religious images and natural science and the Museo del Vino Juan Carcelen presents the history of wine-making in Jumilla over the centuries.

Jumilla has a population of around 22,000. Clearly the arrival of a golf development of 15,000 – 20,000 properties will in itself double the population and this will have a beneficial impact on the economy of Jumilla. The construction phase will create employment and local businesses will expand in order to supply materials and skills for this ambitious project. Later, as the new owners take up residence there will be an increased demand for leisure facilities such as bars and restaurants within Jumilla.


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