Places to Visit: Aguilas

Aguilas is situated in Southeastern Spain with a breathtaking coastline which offers many unspoilt, beautiful secluded beaches. It is in South Murcia, close to the border of Almería.

It is a paradise for diving lovers, and caters for all types of aquatic sports. With its varied coastline and clear and translucent waters it guarantees to be an unforgettable experience.

Aguilas holds the Carnival de Aguilas, which has been celebrated for the last 200 years approximately 40 days before Easter and is one of the largest in Spain with an impressive street procession.

Surrounded by agricultural lands and bathed by the Mediterranean, Aguilas offers the opportunity to enjoy a real holiday, especially in winter. It is a land full of contrasts with the intensely blue sea, rocky mountains and steep valleys, and its sandy white beaches and transparent waters. Moving inland we find a semi-arid landscape of ochre coloured soil with little vegetation, but numerous marine fossils and volcanic minerals.

Not far to the north, the scenery changes again to the impressive dark green of an aromatic pine forest. Aguilas has two protected natural areas: the Parque Regional Costero-Litoral de Cabo Cope-Calnegre and the Paisaje Natural de Cuatro Calas. All these characteristics offer a great range of possibilities for nature lovers, sports enthusiasts or those who want to lose themselves on an isolated beach.


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