Golf Based Tourism generates more revenue than Sun & Beach

Figures show that in the Region of Murcia golfing tourists spend three times more in a day than tourists who come to enjoy the beach and the sunshine.

Golfers spend an average of 150 € a day compared to beach lovers who spend just 48 € a day. The study showed that the Spanish golfers are the biggest spenders who splash out 340 € a day, whereas the English spend an average of 113 € a day and the Germans spend 65 € a day. Some of the expenses of the Spanish tourist, unlike their European counterparts, go on non golf related expenses, such as accommodation, eating, drinking and shopping.

The study, carried out by "Irea" also shows that although there are many golf developments currently being constructed in the region, there is little accommodation available now to golfers and the majority of golfers are having to fork out for hotels or apartments to rent.


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