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This is the official Hole-By-Hole Guide supplied by Roda Golf & Beach Resort. This will be replaced by a Club Murcia Review in due course.

Provisional metres and golf course description (white tee)*

Hole 1 : Par 5 : 499 Metres
An opening drive designed to encourage positive attitude from the start. The bunker on the corner can be carried depending upon individual ability or played safely to the left. The elevated green is defined by the large bunker to the left hand side which extends down the fairway, making choice for the second shot
important in the strategy of the hole. A good result will be encouraged by positive play.

Hole 2 : Par 3 : 206 Metres
This is a long and exacting par 3 early on in the round. A large bunker covers most of the right hand side of the green and again an elevated green means it is important for a well struck iron shot. Flag placements to the left of the green will look generous, although flags can be placed to the right side and look daunting next to the bunker.

Hole 3 : Par 4 : 402 Metres
The first of two demanding back to back par 4’s. An exacting drive is required between two bunkers on an elevated landing area. A medium to long iron approach shot to the raised platform green will be difficult for the amateur player particularly as the green is guarded by a very deep bunker to the left. While a good player will be drawn to attacking the hole, the handicap player requires strategy.

Hole 4 : Par 4 : 402 Metres
An accurate tee shot from the elevated tee is necessary. Again, the landing area is protected with two bunkers which must be negotiated accurately. The second shot, again with a medium to long iron, must negotiate large bunkers in front of the green on the right hand side. Flag positions can be hidden behind
difficult roles on the green, making this the hardest hole on the first nine holes.

Hole 5 : Par 5 : 438 Metres
A relatively short par 5 and a good birdie opportunity. A good drive must negotiate safely the big bunker on the left hand side. This will open up the green and encourage an attacking second or third shot for birdie opportunities.

Hole 6 : Par 4 : 370 Metres
A straight hole with everything there to see. It is important to hit the fairway as the green is surrounded by deep bunkers to the front and sides and role off valley to the back of the green. Although only a short par 4 it will have interesting challenges depending on the flag position.

Hole 7 : Par 3 : 176 Metres
An island green designed to intimidate and entice the golfer. A medium to short iron par 3 where accuracy is everything. The chance to put this in front of the clubhouse and hotel for the amusement and entertainment of those watching was too good an opportunity to miss.

Hole 8 : Par 4 : 329 Metres
A relatively easy par 4 with little trouble from the tee. However, all the problems are with the undulating green and the deep pot bunkers waiting to catch missed approach shots.

Hole 9 : Par 4 : 387 Metres
A classic golf hole design to complete the first 9 holes. The green can be seen from the distance, placed between mounds, bunkers and deep rough zone however the player must ignore the flag and play out to the left where the only trouble are two pot bunkers on the right hand side. The undulating green will provide interesting flag positions and difficult puts and the lake which sneaks into the left hand side of the green should not be ignored as a potential hazard.

Hole 10 : Par 5 : 443 Metres
The second nine holes is less aggressively mounded, although the same philosophy of play is relevant; aggressive and positive play will provide rewards. The open tee shot to this hole is generous with only a big bunker to the left being the golfers problem. However, the second and third shot become increasingly
difficult with the several bunkers designed to catch inaccurate shots. A good opening hole to the back nine with birdies a real possibility.

Hole 11 : Par 3 : 179 Metres
A medium iron par 3 to an elevated green played all across large bunker. The platform green is designed to help hold the tee shot, but any slight miss should role away to the back and right hand side. A good par 3.

Hole 12 : Par 4 : 307 Metres
A short par 4 with the green placed out into the lake. Aggressive play may give as many birdies as disasters. Strategy may be the best approach for this hole.

Hole 13 : Par 3 : 150 Metres
A straight forward par 3 in which accuracy and club selection is important for success. Not a very long par 3 which should encourage attacking play although care must be taken when the flag is placed near the waters edge.

Hole 14 : Par 4 : 321 Metres
A relatively straight forward par 4. A good drive to a generous fairway will leave the shortest of approach shots to the elevated green.

Hole 15 : Par 4 : 300 Metres
Another short par 4 which can be played strategically with an iron off the tee to a generous fairway or with more aggression to the green carrying the fairway bunkers. Again the elevated green may make it tricky but certainly birdies are a real opportunity.

Hole 16 : Par 4 : 451 Metres
Accuracy off the tee is important on this hole as the landing area is quite narrow. The green is guarded with two bunkers to the front, although club selection is important as the lake awaits for an over6hit on the second shot.

Hole 17 : Par 4 : 383 Metres
A relatively straight forward par 4 in which two good shots will give a good result. The tee shot has only two bunkers in the fairways to negotiate and the large undulating green guarded by a bunker on the left hand side.

Hole 18 : Par 5 : 484 Metres
A super par 5 to finish the golf course with. The tee shot must be played between two bunkers to a narrow landing area, although favouring the left hand side will give the best line to the green which is positioned across the lake. Hitting the green in two shots is definitely a possibility but accuracy is extremely important.
A great matchplay hole to finish in which strategy becomes an important part of the way you play.

*Courtesy of Roda Golf & Beach Resort


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