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Hacienda del Alamo Golf Resort - Player Reviews

Have you played Hacienda del Alamo Golf Resort? Did you find it tough going? Enjoyable? Do you have a favourite Hole?Hacienda del Alamo Golf Reviews

Whatever your thoughts, you can use the form below to write your own review of Hacienda del Alamo Golf Resort.

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Ian Twigg Gravatar   16.10.2019 14:08
Yes No Played 06/10/2019 having not played this in a good few years after being disappointed with the Green previously (too soft and slow historically).

But, with it being under new ownership / management, we decided to go back in 2019 and we were blown away. Greens were some of the best in the area, nice and firm and pretty quick too. Just what you expect from Spanish Golf courses.

Fairways and tee's were excellent too. Pin positions fair for all hcp'ers'

No queuing, we were round in 4 hours 20 (its a long course this one with plenty of distance between greens and next tee's).

Stunning 19th to have a pint in too. Not overly priced (We had 8 players for a swift pint and bill was €25). We will be back.

Edit by Club Murcia: Excellent review!
Alistair Gravatar   18.11.2016 07:39
Yes No I have played this course regularly since it opened in 2004 and watched it deteriorate from easily the best in Murcia to a poor standard. It is a potentially fantastic course which has been starved of both investment and water compared to other courses, possibly due to vested interests. The management prefer to water thousands of decorative trees around the vast resort rather than concentrate on the course. This is aided by clientele who seem to prefer to play the course cheaply and hence reinforce the administrators strategy of minimal maintenance and low level profile for the course. The resort in general is being held back by this strategy. This course has been replaced by Las Colinas, lo Romero and La Finca as the places to play.  
Johnny Steinbüchel Gravatar   14.10.2014 10:40
Yes No Hacienda del Alamo was in a very good shape. The greens and Everything around was perfect. It is Always nice to come back to this course. The personal is serviceminded. I will soon be back.  
david hardy Gravatar   20.04.2014 17:14
Yes No Played 10/04/2014. Sunny conditions. 11 Handicap. Played this course again for the 1st time in 4 years and how the course has deteriorated over the past years. the fairways where patchy in many places and desperate for water. weeds in the bunkers and the t boxes very patchy. cost was 55euros without buggy . it was advertised as the must course to play in the area but wont be going back again .its to far out, unfriendly pro shop staff. save your money and play a course where they look after you  
Jonathan Gravatar   24.03.2014 11:40
Yes No Played this course as a four ball on 18th March 2014. Nice course although fairways were parched (suspect this is an issue with costs of watering*) but eminently playable. Greens were in good condition. I play off 11 handicap and am not a long hitter. This course was too long for me to be competitive.

Editor: *Fairway Grass types remain dormant and brown in colour at this time of year. Turning green through March and April as the sun increases.
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