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Aguilón Golf opened it's doors and duly invited the local golf community to try out the latest course managed by the Aymerich Group, Club Murcia joined golfers eager to take on this interesting challenge. There have been few Course Reviews which have left us scratching our heads but this is a first. Aguilon Golf ReviewIn recent weeks, golfers have been ringing the office to make enquiries about Aguilón Golf but whereas we can be forgiven for going into autopilot when asked about La Manga Club, Roda, Hacienda del Alamo or La Peraleja etc, we're still trying to find the appropriate adjectives to sum up the course. That's not such a bad thing!

To whet the appetite, we can confidently say it´s not like any of our other Golf Courses. It´s neither better or worse, longer or shorter. It is however impressive to look at, slightly daunting in places for the high handicap players but a gem for a professional golfer.

The course is situated at the foot of the Sierra Aguilón mountains close to the coast, not far from Aguilas. Although in Almeria, it is barely a stones throw from the border of Murcia (hence it´s inclusion on Club Murcia).

The Sierra Aguilón mountains form a natural barrier with many holes dwarfed by their presence. The terrain has created a tough and demanding course with ravines, undulating fairways and some intimidating carries.

Aguilón Golf is not a walkers course and it is not a course that you would want to play after missing breakfast or worse still, with a hangover. Players need to be fully fueled and raring to go and as one player joked, "it´s a bit like being in New Zealand. I´ll have to get my lot to do the Haka on the First Tee".

So is this a tiring, frustrating Golf Course? Definitively not! Players should go prepared to enjoy a challenge, take a Buggy even if you normally walk because you´ll need plenty of energy to enjoy the closing holes.

Aguilon Golf Course ReviewAs tough as the course looks, it plays fair. The Tee positions are key to the set-up and severity of the course, something which everyone on the day had picked up on. We particularly liked how the change in Tee position could change the whole look and feel of many of the holes.

Golf Society´s can ask in advance for a more forgiving set-up. Likewise, professional players will enjoy playing from the variety of back Tees. For example, the Par 3´s can be switched from genuine "Nearest-The-Pin" material to some of the most demanding shots you could hope for.

The 18th typifies the variation in Tee positions. From the Yellow Tees on the day, the Par 4 played a long 450 metres. With a ravine to carry off the Tee and Out-Of-Bounds down the left hand side, the narrow landing area was enough to prompt everyone in our group to check how many points they had already scored.

Pessimistic thoughts turned to sympathy for the Pro´s. Behind us, were a series of Tee positions, I think four behind the Yellow´s but I lost count. If the standard White Tee´s had you reaching for the smelling salts, then the furthest Tee positions were mind blowing. Tunnel vision? I won´t spoil it. Suffice to say if you wear a Q-Link, it may exceed the normal operating range!

Ok, I maybe overegging it slightly but it was a hot topic in the bar after the round. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day and the Golf Course.

In Summary: The terrain and the rocky backdrop gives the Golf Course a rugged angular look. The imaginative holes seem to increase in difficulty as the round unfolds. The use the of Buggy´s in favour of walking may deter the odd player and there are some signs that the course is still new. There is a temporary Clubhouse but there are showers to freshen up, an ample Bar serving food, a TV and a Terrace. As the facilities increase, there s little doubt this will be a course that players will be keen to include

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