The European Golf Association (EGA) Handicap System (Revised)

On the 15th June 2000 a new system of handicapping was introduced, into Spain. This was revised 14th March 2005.

The European Golf Association (EGA) and the offices of the Real Federacion Espanola of Golf have adopted the SLOPE System and each course in Spain has been rated from all the data that the course evaluators have provided. All the course ratings are now available.

The EGA introduced the new handicap system to enable players of all handicaps to compete on an even basis, no matter on what course the handicap was gained.

The EGA has chosen to adopt the Slope System that was first approved for the United States Golf Association (USGA) in January 1987. This system adjusts the playing handicap to suit each course that you choose to play on any given day.

The Slope System values each course, as if it was played by two golfers; a Scratch golfer with a handicap of 0 - 5 and a Bogey golfer with a handicap of 18-23.

The Slope System is an improvement of the existing system, whereby each golf course is evaluated and takes into account the varying difficulties on each hole, such as the run of the ball. The lay up areas, fairways, rough, bunkers, hazards, water hazards, out of bounds, difficulty of the greens etc.

There are two factors that determine each players “EGA PLAYING HANDICAP” 

1: Course Value & 2: Slope Value

COURSE VALUE - This is calculated on a “Scratch” player’s performance under normal conditions. This figure must be two digits plus a decimal point e.g. 73.5

SLOPE VALUE - This is calculated on the performance of a “Bogey” player in relation to a “Scratch” player.

The lowest Slope Value is 55 the highest is 155. A course with a standard difficulty has a Slope Value of 113. In other words, the higher the Slope Value, the more difficult it is for a “Bogey” player.

Under the previous CONGU system each course was valued for a Scratch player only. The Standard Scratch System (SSS).

Each course will have its own conversion table to enable each individual player to obtain their “EGA PLAYING HANDICAP”. In the USA it is mandatory to have this displayed prominently in the Pro shop or on the first tee. We have to assume that is what will happen here.


An Exact Handicap will be received from the “HOME” club, from this Exact Handicap you will get a “Playing Handicap” on each course that you will play. This “Playing Handicap” will differ, depending on the Slope rating of each course. This is valid also for your Home course.

The “Home” club should convert a former handicap into an EGA exact handicap. However the formula for calculating an exact handicap is:

* 1999 or CONGU HANDICAP x 113 divided by the SLOPE VALUE -/+ (COURSE VALUE – SSS) =
EXACT HANDICAP (For SSS use Par - if SSS is not available)

e.g, 15.0 x 113 divided by SV 128 = 13.2 = -/+ (CV 72 – 72) Exact Handicap = 13.2

* This could also apply to any CONGU handicap for new members at the “Home” course. It would also apply to handicaps that have not been adjusted to an EXACT HANDICAP


The formula to carry out this calculation without the table is as follows:

All courses have a Slope Chart and the Exact Handicap is checked against the List to obtain the Playing Handicap. The purpose of this formula (below) is to show how the calculation of a Playing Handicap is determined.


It will be necessary to obtain the Slope Value and Course Value from the Pro-Shop although most courses include the details on the Scorecard. However, they are available in the Real Federacion of Espanol GOLF Book Diary of Competitions and on the website: www.golfspainfederacion.com


Mr X arrives at a Golf Club with an exact handicap and wishes to establish his EGA Playing Handicap.

Mr X Exact Handicap = 15.6
Slope Value = 130
Course Value = 73.5
PAR = 72

15.6 x (130/113) + (73.5 - 72) 15.6 x 1.15 + 1.5 = 19.4

Mr X has an EGA playing Handicap of 19 for this particular Golf Course.

In addition to the Slope changes, the maximum handicap for men are now 36 the same as ladies, over 5 categories. The 6th category is for young children.


Example One:

A 15.7 handicapper scores 41 points

41 points – 36 points = 5 (4 x 0.3 = 1.2 + 1 x 0.5 = 0.5) = 1.7

15.7 – 1.7 = 14.0 Exact Handicap

Example Two:

A 22.3 handicapper scores 42 points

42 points – 36 points = 6 (4 x 0.4 = 1.6 + 2 x 0.7 = 1.4) = 3.0

22.3 – 3.0 = 19.3 Exact Handicap


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