Murcia Golf Course Designer: Robert Dean Putman

Designed the Golf Course at: La Manga Club Golf Resort (North & South Courses).

Robert Dean Putman, a great golfer and a renowned professional with 20 years experience is the architect and designer of the North and South course at La Manga Club. The design of both courses and the lie of the fairways were left in his hands in order to make the game as attractive as possible. Before Putman was handed the task of designing these two magnificent courses, it's important to note that at the time (1970) the initial project was to build just 9 holes and a small residential development in a valley just ten kilometres from La Manga strip.

The concept was simple, it was the perfect place to play golf, with over 3000 hours of sun a year and an average temperature of 17°. The project created huge excitement and in a very short period of time the development grew from a 500 acre piece of land to more than 1400 acres.

Like almost all successful projects, this initiative was the brainchild of an almost legendary personality in the area, Gregory Peters. This American "magnate" arrived in this part of Spain in the mid 1960's, at the same time as the early development of La Manga strip. Impressed by the enormous possibilities of the Mar Menor and aware of its huge potential as a tourist attraction, he started to participate in a number of investments, purchasing several properties. His experience and knowledge of the world's finest golf resorts in the United States, and especially California, meant that a much bigger project soon began to hatch in his mind: the first golf course in the area as a high level tourist attraction.

The project gained such momentum that the owners of adjoining properties wanted to participate and gave up their land in exchange for a shareholding in the real estate company created to promote the development. And "La Manga Golf Course" became "La Manga Club", one of Europe's most prestigious golf destinations.

Once the project began to take shape, it was decided to appoint Robert Dean Putman (a fellow Californian). Putman brought a piece of California to Murcia and the resort boasts more than 3000 palm trees and gives the general impression that the resort is an enormous garden, rather than just some golf courses. This is still the key to success and its great popularity among the tourists that visit this unique setting. It also set a precedent on how future golf courses would be built in the Murcia region.

Work began on the North and South courses in January 1971. In the early days of the resort, Gregory Peters used all his business contacts to promote the golf courses and the resort gained enormous prestige among golf professionals and fans, earning a place amongst Spain's finest. Gary Player was named the first Director of Golf. An agreement was reached with the Spanish Golf Federation to hold the Spanish Open there between 1973 and 1977. During these five years, this business venture was consolidated with golfing number ones playing the courses. Mythical names such as Arnold Palmer and Colin Montgomerie have graced its fairways.

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