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Refund & Cancellation Policy

Club Murcia recognises that player numbers can change and that Travel Itineraries are also subject to change.

Therefore, Club Murcia will amend your reservations free of charge and full refunds and cancellations are available up to 48 hours* prior to arrival.

Deposit Refunds
We believe in a generous refund policy which we know offers you peace of mind. However, amendments to your reservations must be received at least 48 hours* before the date of play and within 60 days of making your payment.

* Golf Club/Resort Terms & Conditions apply. Therefore Las Colinas and Lo Romero require 72 hours notice of cancellation. Desert Springs require more than 14 days notice.

Once you have received your voucher(s) you can amend/cancel your reservations by contacting Club Murcia.

Simply reply to your final Confirmation & Payments email or the email containing your Voucher(s) from Club Murcia.

If player numbers change, resulting in less Green Fees, Club Murcia will re-calculate your deposit and refund the difference, subject to the necessary notice period.

Note: Amendments may require a additional payment deposit from you. For example, changing the venue to a Golf Course with more expensive Green Fees or an increase in the number of players.

Amendments to your reservation must always be made through Club Murcia and not via the Golf Course you are playing. This is very important, if you amend your reservation without our knowledge, we will be unable to confirm the changes and issue you with a refund.

In addition to issuing you a refund, Club Murcia will need to send you new voucher/s and we may also have to reconfirm your reservation(s).

Please Note: Club Murcia cannot issue refunds;

1. After 60 days of receiving the original payment,*
2. Within 48 hours of play (72 hours for Las Colinas and Lo Romero and 14 days for Desert Springs),
3. Either on or after the day of play**,
4. Due to missed Tee Times**,
5. If players are asked to leave the course by Golf Course officials,
6. Due to general bad weather, including high temperatures,
7. If the Golf Course officials suspend play due to electrical storms or the course has to be closed due to flooding***
8. If the Golf Course has not informed Club Murcia of any maintenance or
9. For any others reason deemed unreasonable by Club Murcia.

* Club Murcia will offer players a Credit Note after the 60 days refund period. This Credit Note will be equal to the original deposit and valid for a further 60 days.

**Players who miss their Tee Times or cancel on the day of arrival will be considered as "No-Shows" by the Golf Resort. No-Shows will be charged the outstanding balance for the reservation.

***Players, who are asked by Courses Officials to suspend play due to dangerous electrical storms or flooding, will be offered an alternative reservation directly from the Golf Course by way of compensation. If this is not possible, the course will generally cancel the reservation and Club Murcia will be able to refund the deposit.

This is at the discretion of the individual Golf Course and will also depend at which point in the round, play was suspended. Under these conditions, players must immediately return to the Pro-Shop, with their local course receipt, to seek advice.

If an alternative reservation cannot be arranged or is unsuitable Club Murcia will seek clarification that the course was closed and that play was suspended. The course will then authorise Club Murcia to arrange a full refund of the deposit.

Club Murcia requires advance notice on cancellations to give us time to inform the Golf Courses and most importantly, so that the course can make the Tee Time/s available to other golfers.

Once your Tee Time has been confirmed, you are subject to the cancellation charges detailed below.

Cancellation Notice Period
2+ Days before arrival date: Full deposit refund*
1 Day before arrival date: No deposit refund
0 Day of arrival: No deposit refund. Full outstanding balance charged.

* 4+ Days for Las Colinas and Lo Romero. 14+ days for Desert Springs.

*IMPORTANT: Club Murcia can only issue a full or partial refund for 60 days after the original payment was made. For this reason we prefer not to take payment until at least 60 days prior to arrival.

Note: Where cancellations are due to a request made by a Golf Course, we will issue a full refund. If the 60 day period has expired, Club Murcia will offer a Credit Note.

Receiving Your Refund
Refunds will return automatically to the Debit/Credit card or PayPal Account used to make the original transaction.

Cancellation Procedure
You can cancel your reservation by replying to your final Confirmation & Payments email or by replying to the Voucher email.

Alternatively, you can call us on +44 (0)845 617 0599.

In almost all cases, full refunds are available. Please keep our advisors informed of any changes which may affect your reservation at the earliest opportunity.

Please remember, Club Murcia can only issue a full or partial refund for 60 days after the original payment was made.

Note: After a refund has been issued, existing Club Murcia Vouchers are automatically cancelled with the respective Golf Courses and they will no longer be valid.