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COVID-19 - Murcia, Alicante, Almeria Golf (Restrictions & Re-Opening)

: Spanish Government is lifting the lockdown over a 6 week period starting early May and ending mid June.

: Golf Courses were part of the 1st Phase to re-open after the lockdown.

26/05/20: International visitors will not be required to self-isolate on arrival in Spain from 1st July.

26/05/20: Country specific Travel Restrictions may still apply on return from Spain.

After 6 weeks the country is expected to return to normal and by the end of June, all beaches will re-open.

Restrictions requiring international visitors to self-isolate on arrival in Spain will end from 1st July.

Country specific travel restrictions may still in place. These may affect players returning home from Spain after this date.

We have contacted and advised players traveling in May and June to either cancel or move their reservations.

Most players have taken the option to move reservations to October and November, due mainly to the airlines wavering the charges for moving flights.

If this is something you and your group have considered, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Currently, the majority of reservations in July are intact pending further developments.

Rest assured, depending on your preference, we will make the necessary changes to your booking as quickly as possible.

We wish you all well, please stay safe and we thank you all for your patience and your messages of support.

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