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Friday, 16 August 2013 17:45

Aguilón Golf (Almería) - Player Reviews

Have you played Aguilón Golf? Did you find it tough going? Enjoyable? Do you have a favourite Hole?

Whatever your thoughts, you can use the form below to write your own review of Aguilón Golf.

Some useful Tips! Try to include the following to make your review as helpful as possible:

  • Date & Tee Time: When did you play. Was it a morning or afternoon Round.
  • Weather: The course will play differently depending on the conditions.
  • Type of Round: Was it a social Round, a Society Match or another Tournament.
  • Handicap: High, Mid, Low, Professional. Whatever your level, fellow Golfers with the same Handicap as yourself will relate to your review.

Where possible, always try to keep your comments informative and subjective.

Finally, Club Murcia reserve the right to remove any misleading or offence comments. If you have a concern with a particular review, please use the "Contact Us" link.


David McCrae Gravatar   28.09.2015 09:39
Yes No Played the course in mid September with three other players of handicaps between 12 and 17. Weather was great and the guy in the coffee shop was really great with us and was a good laugh.
The course tees and fairways were excellent and the views and course layout are hard to beat. However the greens were terrible, your ball spent more time in the air rather than on the grass. It was a shame as it is a great layout.

CM Comment: Aguilon is a great course but poor Greens are not the norm. We have just been advised (as of Sat 26/09/2015) that they have a temporary issue with the Greens which they are currently treating.
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